My name is Patrick Rocchio. I have been an attorney since 1972, following graduation from Notre Dame Law School. I have had a license to practice law in Michigan since February, 1976.  I formerly had an Indiana law license obtained immediately following law school but it is inactive and no longer used for my Michigan based law practice.

After three plus years of active duty with the United States Navy's Judge Advocate General Corp (JAG), I established my personal residence and a new law office in Coldwater, Michigan, in February, 1976. At that time, my family included my spouse, Theresa, and our son, Benedict, in his first year of life.

Over the years, the family grew to five children, and my law practice in Coldwater developed based upon a simple marketing plan: provide quality personalized legal services to appreciative clients. In 1988, my law office relocated from rental space inside Southern Michigan Bank and Trust's main office to a new building constructed for my exclusive occupancy and use at 375 West Chicago Street, in Coldwater.

My family 's residence changed to the shores of Lake Michigan, nearby New Buffalo, Michigan, in September, 2002.  The Coldwater office remained staffed on a full time basis until 2015, and thereafter continued on an "appointment only" basis through year end 2016. 

My law practice extended throughout southwest and southcentral Michigan, although the majority of clients resided in Branch County. Legal services since 1998 were focused upon all types of insurance compensation and personal injury claims, and Social Security disability. I did not provide services for criminal matters or domestic relations disputes such as divorces, child support, and custody issues.

My law office building was sold on January 6, 2017. As a result of my lack of an ongoing physical presence in Coldwater, my clientele are limited now to persons seeking Social Security disability benefits. That very specialized area of law has been a significant part of my law practice for forty (40) years and will continue for the foreseeable future. 

Theresa and I first visited Coldwater in October, 1975, while on leave from the Navy and conducting our search for a community where we could locate after my anticipated discharge from the Navy in January, 1976. We found that home in Coldwater, and we never regretted that decision.

Branch County was and is a great place to live, work, and raise a family. The best of its resources is the people who live in Branch County: hard working, resourceful, kind, and friendly, just the type of person that makes our country the great land it is. I am thankful to have been, and will be grateful to remain forever, although from a distance now, a part of life in Branch County.  

Mailing Address: Post Office Box 514, New Buffalo, Michigan 49117

Telephone: 517-279-7906 or 219-229-8207

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