Misconduct by Whom ???

Since 1972, my reputation and character have been exemplary and impeccable. There has never been a grievance investigation request or complaint filed by a disgruntled or dissatisfied present or former client, a judge, an attorney, or anyone anywhere who knows me. For 40 years my Michigan based law practice has grown and prospered by word of mouth referrals. That's a time honored recipe for success.

 I have never violated a client's trust, misused a client's funds, operated a meth lab, sold heroin near a school yard, robbed a bank, starred in a porn movie, disgraced myself or my family name, or slept through a trial. However, I do plead guilty to the offense of confronting the pompous Indiana Supreme Court and its attorney disciplinary apparatus and calling out that flawed regulatory system for its abusive and arrogant practices. Because of bold yet truthful remarks written and spoken by me during the course of disciplinary proceedings involving a matter of relatively trivial charges and technical rule violations, the politically connected lawyers comprising the Indiana Supreme Court chose to "suspend" my inactive Indiana law license for a period of six (6) months. Frankly, it's worthless to me. I am allowed to petition to have the license reinstated but it will be a cold frigid day in hell before that happens.

Not once did I misbehave or do anything reasonably regarded as either impolite or disrespectful during the course of the Indiana disciplinary proceedings involving me as the Respondent. Only by written and spoken words did I, according to the Indiana Supreme Court, commit misconduct necessitating the suspension of my inactive and sentimental Indiana law license. Apparently, the justices comprising the Indiana Supreme Court have never studied the First Amendment.

My law practice takes place in the State of Michigan, by use of my Michigan law license, only. I have no use for an inactive Indiana law license, and certainly have no intention of seeking reactivation of my worthless Indiana law license. For my misconduct in Indiana, the Michigan Attorney Disciplinary Commission "reprimanded" me, finding it "clearly inappropriate" to suspend my Michigan law license.

If you are really curious about the details of the meaningless and oddball Indiana disciplinary proceedings in which I was compelled to participate, or you are a genuine legal scholar doing legitimate research, then please read my Response which can be linked by doing a Google word search consisting of my name and the word discipline. That response to the Indiana Supreme Court's opinion is truthful, and provides the only readily available source of the factual history conveniently omitted from the Opinion released publicly by the Indiana Supreme Court.

The entire ordeal was an outrageous waste of time. The Indiana Supreme Court attorney disciplinary commission and its taxpayer supported employees should be devoting their time and resources to investigating and prosecuting renegade lawyers and those who violate a client's trust, commit crimes, appear in tasteless and cheesy television commercials, and charge outrageous fees. There are plenty of those lawyers in the State of Indiana. It's really unnecessary to cross the state line and travel into Michigan.