"Roach" the Ambulance Chaser
If you have not read about my weird experience with the Indiana Supreme Court attorney disciplinary system, then please go to that link on this website and read it.

There is a loose cannon rolling around the internet who spends his life surfing the internet for stories about attorneys whom he alone judges to be unethical or dishonest. When he is not filling his empty life with that activity he is busy filing frivolous law suits against Supreme Court justices, particularly focused on the state of Ohio. To say this man is obsessed is an understatement.

His name is David Palmer and he resides in California after having spent most of his sorry life living in Ohio. He was involved in a law suit years ago and believes that his attorney was crooked and did an inadequate job since the litigation did not produce a result favorable to Mr. Palmer. Thereafter, his life has been a one man campaign to expose every attorney he chooses to identify as dishonest or incompetent.

He publishes a commentary blog on the world wide web or internet under the handle "no ethics" and by use of his unedited and uncensored blog of hate and lies he has identified me as a person deserving inclusion on his esteemed list of renegade rascal lawyers. Admittedly, he made that judgment based solely upon his reading of the Indiana Supreme Court's opinion pertaining to its six (6) month suspension of my inactive Indiana law license. David Palmer has never met me,or a present or former client of mine, any lawyer, any judge or citizen who knows me, or any person who is in a position to describe my character and evaluate my reputation for ethics and honesty. 

Anyone can publish anything he or she desires today on the internet regardless of whether it is scandalous, libelous, dishonest, or untruthful and David Palmer is proof of that fact. Unfortunately, Google and other high powered search engines disclaim any responsibility for what their mysterious trade secret algorithms produce in response to a natural word search. And, practically speaking, there is no way to silence weird people like Mr. Palmer and his malicious words about those he judges to be unworthy of his approval. I have no explanation for why his untruthful and unflattering words about me are produced as a page one listing in response to a Google search which includes my name. 

At least David Palmer could take the time to discover how to pronounce my name. He states to his readers that the first syllable of my last name rhymes with "Roach" but it does not. It is pronounced phonetically as "Rock" not "Roach" and anyone who knows me knows that simple fact about me. But, of course, Mr. Palmer knows nothing about me.

If it keeps Mr. Palmer's mind and hands occupied, gives him a false feeling of worth, and distracts him from doing actual harm to others, then let him place on the internet whatever he chooses, and we will regard him accurately as just an annoyance to be tolerated and ignored by us, like a foul smell or odor. However, I do wish the stupid and erroneous internet post he published on his blog about me would vaporize into cyberspace some day soon. Meanwhile, life goes on as it should despite the nuisance of people like David Palmer.