Message from Coldwater

Since my years in grade school, my passion has been writing. I enjoy working with words, both written and spoken, and I have found opportunities during my legal career to utilize that interest in representing clients. Words are a stimulus to thoughts, and used effectively they have a persuasive effect. Letters written and speeches given have helped me achieve success in representing my clients.

Writing, however, is also a source of enjoyment for me. I like to write. From November, 2008, to July, 2012, I wrote a weekly "message" published each Wednesday in a local paper and read by me on the local radio station every Wednesday morning.  After exceeding the writing and reading of over 100 messages, I decided to select some of my favorites and publish them in a book form in late 2011. Believe me, I have no delusions about rising to the top of the New York Times bestseller's list. I write only for the fun of it, and have published a book mainly to preserve some of my words for my descendants.

The book is titled appropriately Message From Coldwater. By linking or going to the website at you can learn more about the book, and purchase a copy by use of your paypal account or credit card. 

An expanded edition is planned for publication in midyear 2017.